Welcome To KHULA Fleet Solutions

"Your holistic cradle to grave, one stop fleet management solutions provider."

KHULA Fleet was established in 2012 by Darren Pillay. His vision, is to form a truly black empowered Fleet Management Company in the South African market. Darren’s extensive commercial business and industry relevant experience has lead him to believe that the South African Fleet Management Industry is dominated by large businesses and that the industry is receptive for a small business entrant, who will be able to be nimble and unique in its customised product offerings, focusing on the customer’s unique needs as its key priority.

Full Maintenance

Comprehensive fleet management solution at an agreed rental for the use of specifically selected vehicles over a set period of time and distance.

Operational Lease

Operational Lease is a hybrid solution in which specifically selected vehicles are rented out excluding maintenance and tyres.

Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental (Relief Vehicles) is a short term rental solution in which selected vehicles are rented out to clients.

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